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01Weighing Machines / Counting Machines

Weighing and counting products such as confectionary, machine parts, etc.,
before packaging predetermined weight(gram) or numbers of them.

03Flexible Package Form.
Fill and Seal Machines (including Bag Fill and Seal Machines)

Forming a flexible package out of film web, filling in it products such as confectionary, sugar, instant noodle and sealing.

04Rigid Package Form.
Fill and Seal Machines / Blister Packaging Machines / Press Through Packaging Machines

Forming a rigid package out of plastic or paper sheet, filling in it products such as tablets, liquid milk, stationary, etc. and sealing.

07Overwrapping Machines

Overwrapping a carton, cigaret box, food tray, candy, etc. with plastic film or paper.

08Sealing Machines

Sealing a bag, cup, etc.

09Shrink Packaging Machines

Shrinking thermoplastic film around a box, cup, etc. for tight packaging.

11Strapping Machines / Tying Machines

Applying a strap or a narrow band around a box, a stack of books and building materials etc.

12Case Loading Machines / Case Sealing Machines /
Case Forming Machines / Miscellaneous Outer Packaging Machines
13Packaging Plant Systems

An integrated packaging system incorporating a number of packaging machines.

14Converting Machines

Bag making machines and slitters.


Cutters, speed reducers, confectionery making machines, etc.

17Food Machines

Food processing machines, confectionery making machines, etc.

18Packaging Materials

Various materials used for packaging,made of paper, plastic, metal, glass, textile, etc.

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